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Structure And Types

Z.A Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 30, 2015

Reflective printing cloth by the layer and the light box cloth grass-roots structure. In accordance with its reflective structural differences can be divided into standard type reflective material, wide-angle reflective material and the sky full of stars-type reflective material.

Standard type

Signs-reflective material that is printing cloth, of excellent quality and balance as the shininess indicators highlight, is the largest product market demand. Burkina Faso and gum two products.

-Wide angle

Wide-angle reflective material that is shining star printing cloth, broadened the scope of effective angle of reflection, broaden the use of reflective material, shininess to just below the logo. Burkina Faso and gum two products.

Baby's breath

Stars stars printing cloth-reflective materials, when used in a starry effect, increases the material didn't cost function, but low shininess, mainly for urban environment such as streets, shopping malls and stores. Burkina Faso and gum two products.

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